Talavera Tiles – Decorative Ideas for your Home

Talavera tiles are very versatile with the great variety of colours, patterns and sizes available at Tumia Tiles making them perfect for decorative DIY and craft projects around your home.

Our tiles are ideally suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms for splashbacks and worktops, or elsewhere around the home to create colourful feature walls, tiled borders or patterned stair risers.

Looking for ideas to channel your creative streak? Our tiles are also perfect for smaller crafty projects such as table tops or mosaic art (we sell batches of seconds and broken tiles just for this – so give us a call to find out more!).

Visit our Pinterest site to see a selection of decorative tiling projects which we think are particularly effective and could work in any home – there’s a board for Tile Decorating Ideas, and one for Tile Craft projects, you can even check out some of our customers’ own creations.

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