Frequently Asked Questions

Set out below are a few of the questions we regularly get asked. If you want to know anything else, please give us a call on 0117 955 9440.

Where can your handmade Talavera tiles be used?
Our tiles can be installed in a variety of situations such as kitchen back splashes, bathrooms, fireplaces, light duty counter/table tops, stair risers, and hallways.  They are water resistant and so can be used in “semi wet” situations (such as splash backs) but not in “fully wet” conditions (such as inside a shower or swimming pool).
They are not suited to use on the floor if that part of the floor will be stood on. 
They are not perfectly suited to outside use as the glaze does not withstand freeze/thaw conditions.  If you can put up with this, they can be used outside.
If you are in any doubt, please check with your tile installer before installation or give us a call.
How thick are the tiles?
Our tiles are generally about ¼” (6.5mm) thick.  As they are handmade there is a little variance from tile to tile.  They also tend to be slightly “bellowed” or “cushioned” effect.  In other words, they have a convex shape with the middle being slightly raised from the corners.
Are they glazed?
Yes, the tiles have a glossy glaze with a “crackled” effect.  In other words there lots of small cracks on the surface of the tile.  This is an inherent characteristic and adds to their charm and handmade feel.  The effect can be enhanced by using coloured grouts if desired. 
Are they a consistent size?
Generally, yes they are a consistent size for tiling purposes, but there are a few mm’s of tolerance due to their hand made nature.
What is the history of Mexican Talavera tiles?
Talavera Tiles are handmade and painted in Mexico.  They have a long tradition dating back to the 16th/17th centuries when Mexico was under colonial rule.  The Spanish came to Mexico and shared their knowledge of pottery and tile making.  The tradition has been kept alive, using remarkably similar techniques to this day. 
Talavera de la Reina, a Spanish village not far from Madrid is renowned for its ceramic crafts lends its name to the Talavera tiles. 
How should I clean my Talavera Tile?
You can clean the tile in the same way as a normal ceramic wall tile.  We suggest non-abrasive environmentally friendly cleaners such as ecover.
Can I save on delivery and collect the tiles?
Yes, for sure.  Please just give us a call to arrange a time that suits you and us.  We can accept cash on collection (but cannot take card payments at the warehouse).